Ol' Kinderhook! March 26 2012, 2 Comments

When we first stumbled upon the little Charles Street Friday Market tucked behind the Metro Gallery, we knew we had discovered something great. Something that combined a little of everything we love: fresh veggies, local meats, local beer, music and even tables and chairs for people to take it all in. Plus, it was the perfect opportunity to fill the vast void of wholesome and delicious snacks in Baltimore’s belly.

Highlights of the 2011 market season included:

  • A Halloween visit by Martin Van Buren himself!
  • The discovery that minotaurs love snacks just as much as us mortals.
  • Spiced (and spiked) cider on the coldest market days.
  • Seeing friends and fellow snack lovers every week- rain, wind or shine.

We look forward to another extraordinary market season starting May 11th! Only 6 more weeks to go!