Ol' Kinderhook Halloween Snack Packs October 23 2012, 0 Comments

Not only can you get delicious snacks like those chocolate puddle cookies at the Lauraville Farmers Market tonight from 4-7PM, but now you can also sign-up to get an Ol' Kinderhook Halloween Snack Pack! We have two tasty options to satiate your Halloween snacking quota, check it:

a. Caramel Corn (4 oz)
b. Chocolate Puddle Cookies (5)
c. Baked Cheese Stamps (5 oz)
d. Brown Sugar Rosemary Walnuts (8 oz)

2. SWEET TOOTH    $25
a. Salted Chocolate Chip (5)
b. Coconut Honey Macaroons (6)
c. Peanut Butter Shortbread (8)
d. Chocolate Chili Cookies (5)

You can pay online through PayPal or stop by the Lauraville market tonight at 4500 Harford Roard. If you are paying online, please make sure to indicate whether you'll be picking up your Ol' Kinderhook Halloween Snack Pack next Tuesday 10/30 at the Lauraville market or if you'll be paying the $2 delivery fee. We'll deliver locally on the evening of Tuesday 10/30.