Do you have a storefront I can visit?

While we don’t have a storefront, you can find our snacks in over 50 stores in the Baltimore and DC metro area including local grocery stores, wine stores, gift shops and restaurants. Check out our Snack Locations page for more details.

How long does your stuff keep? How should I store it?

We hope you’ll enjoy your snacks as soon as possible after you purchase them. Because our snacks are made fresh to order, they’re meant to be eaten quick!

However, if you’re ordering as a gift, or want to ration out your snacks,  our products have shelf lives ranging from 2-6 weeks. Cookies are generally best between 2-4 weeks, our crackers are best between 3-4 weeks and the candied nuts are best by 6 weeks.

Once they’re opened, snacks should be stored in a plastic zip-top bag or other air-tight container in the pantry or on the counter top. Most of our cookies also freeze well. 

Do you ship?

We do, we do! We are thrilled about our online store, where we are able to ship snacks to all 50 states.  We ship snacks every Wednesday and Friday and make everything to order. Please see our Shipping Information for more details.

Where does the name come from?

One summer we went on a road trip where our primary source of entertainment was a deck of presidential flashcards. We learned all sorts of interesting facts about our country’s leaders. When we came up with the concept of our snack company, Martin Van Buren, with his charming mug and catchy nickname, popped into our minds. We like to imagine he was an avid snacker. You can read more here.

What makes your products different?

We believe our snacks are unique for several reasons. Primarily because each snack we make is sifted, mixed, scooped, rolled out, baked and packaged by hand - from start to finish. We care about the ingredients we use, and do whatever it takes to make sure our products are fresh and delicious by the time they get to you.

Secondly, because neither of us have professional training in baking, we rely heavily on our own personal flavor preferences and kitchen experiences. Generally, we prefer savory over sweet, therefore most of our sweets are not overly so…and may even have a savory edge to them (like our salted chocolate chip cookies).  Bottom line, if we don’t like it, we don’t make it.  We believe our flavor combinations are unique and intriguing, and that you probably won’t find anything else quite like them.

Lastly, we also know snacks are not just snacks, but rather offer an opportunity for people to come together and share. Through farmers markets, events and working with small businesses, our snacks introduced us to the growing community of artisan makers in the Baltimore area. This is a vibrant, hardworking and creative community that is changing the perspective of food and craftsmanship in our city. We love working with our fellow makers: forming partnerships to source ingredients, collaborating on events and fundraisers, or just sharing ideas!  Being a part of this dedicated community makes our snacks all the more special and provides us with daily inspiration to keep making the best snacks possible.

How do you source your ingredients?

We know that one of the biggest contributing factors to making a delicious snack is starting with the best ingredients possible. Because of this, we do our utmost to use primarily organic and high-quality ingredients. We strive to partner with local businesses and companies that share our values of quality, environmental consciousness and customer care. We hope you can taste the difference.

I’m allergic to nuts/wheat/dairy/other stuff. Can I safely indulge in a Kinderhook Snacks?

We are a small company with a small kitchen and work on shared equipment. Therefore, we unfortunately can’t guarantee that any of our products are completely free of any certain ingredient. You can find a list of the ingredients for each of our snacks on our online store. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do you do weddings/corporate gifts/custom orders?

We do indeed! We love doing special events and catering, from office parties and client gifts to bridal showers and wedding favors. We have lots of options available including hand-stamped cookies, custom flavors and packaging. Please contact us for details.

I’m having trouble with the delivery of my order – can you help?

Unfortunately, once a package leaves our kitchen, it is 100% out of our hands.  We’ll be more than happy to assist you with anything at all up until that point; but if your order has shipped, and there’s a problem in transit, you’ll need to speak with the carrier.  Click here to contact UPS; or click here to contact the US Postal Service.

I’m not thrilled with my order.  What should I do?

We stand behind the excellent quality and freshness of our snacks. If for any reason you are unsatisfied by your purchase, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your shipment. We will then arrange a replacement or a refund. In order to receive a full refund, the snacks need to be returned to us – unfortunately, we will not be able to cover the shipping costs for such returns. We know you work hard to earn your bread, and you deserve to be completely happy with your purchase.